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Submissions Now Open For the 

11th Annual WOA International Music Festival & Tour - Goa, Feb 2020 and a chance to be invited to the WOA Summer Tour UK 2020 


After the successful completion of the 10th Annual W.O.A International Music Festival in association with Vh1, WOAFM99 and Lazy Bee Cottages, we are now all set for the 11th Annual W.O.A International Music Festival & Tour 2020. If you are an artist interested in touring and expanding your fan base in these large emerging markets with national tv, radio and press branding and marketing you should Submit your EPK HERE


Get the latest updates and photos, videos, fan feedback on the WOA Facebook page at 


All genres are given an equal platform at the Festival stage, the only criteria is a great live performance by the artist! So if you think you have what it takes, submit now for a chance to be part of the WOA International Music Festival, Goa Feb 2020 


The Annual W.O.A International Music Festival and India Tour is a roaring success, to say the least. As predicted it has been getting BIGGER and BETTER since it began in 2008. The W.O.A  International Music Festival and Tour is conceptualized by MTV Europe Music Awards Nominee & Vh1 Top 10 platinum selling artist Oliver Sean (Founder, W.O.A Entertainment Group). It has been suported consistently by media giants, National Publications and 5 Star Proeprties including Vh1, 9XO, Fiesta, Sun & Sand, Hard Rock Hotel, Hard Rock Cafe, Times of India, Herald, Lazy Bee  and more

The Annual W.O.A Records India Tour and W.O.A International Music Festival in Goa began in 2008 and is organized and produced by the pioneers of Independent music promotions in India, W.O.A Entertainment and is supported by the entire W.OA  Entertainment Infrastructure including our nationally syndicated Radio and TV Shows.

For International Independent bands/artists to break into a region like India with this kind of support has been unprecedented and never done before. This has now been made possible by W.O.A Entertainment, India's largest International Independent Label (W.O.A Records 1998 - 2019) - the Annual WOA Festival & Tour now enters into the 11th year of production. Come and be a part of this phenomenal music festival supported by Vh1 and other major partners including the Times and other major media and venue partners. Submit your artist profile and music here.


The festival is promoted extensively with  TV Advertisements on Television including Vh1/MTV, Star, Zee, Prudent and HCN; National Press Ads on National Press including The Times of India, Herald, Navhind Times; Billboards across the region and Radio spots on FM radio including on AIR FM


The Submission fee is 50 USD for any artist who is interested in performing at the festival. There are NO other fees charged to the artist to be a part of the music festival in Goa (for the main event on 31st Jan that kicks off the official tour). Artists will have to take care of their own travel to Goa and handle their own accomodation. Any artist requiring assistance will be given discounted hotel stay via our partners and restaurant discount coupons at our partner restaurant outlets in the festival city. 


Artists who want to be part of the full 7 day all expense paid tour should contact the WOA A&R Team after they have been approved and selected for the main festival performance first. Not every artist is selected for the full tour (not every artist wants to be part of the full tour). So if you are thinking of the full tour please apply for the festival first and then contact the team once your festival submission has been successful.


Through the years we have had amazing artists on this annual tour including: 


2008-2009:  MTV EMA Nominated Artist Oliver Sean, American Singer/Songwriter Jesus Aaron, Japanese Guitar wizard Sparky Quano, American singer Juliette Annerino amongst others

2009-2010: British metal band Cypher16, Australian artists Danny John Trio, Risemann, Kallii, Craig Fraser, Swedish punk artist Monica & The Thunder, French artist Metissia and others.

2010-2011: American artist Jeffrey Fisher, US Singer/Songwriter Roger Jaegger, Indian Rapper Saurabh Som

2011-2012: Australian Rockers Kotadama, Venezuelan Metal Heads Overhate, French Pop Star Eric Dulle, American Act Jade Steel, Canadian country act Viceroy bill and others.

2013 - 2014 Eric Dulle, Gypsy Pearl, The Oliver Sean Band

2015: Laura AInsworth (USA), Nagmah (Costa Rica)and The Oliver Sean Band (UK/Goa)

2016: Oliver Sean and Emyna the Rock Queen (USA)

2017: AS IS (NYC), Sam Julian (San Diego) and the Oliver Sean Band (Goa & UK)

2019: Garfield Oliveira, Oz Band, DJ Gladwin, Oliver Sean, Rich Krueger


The broad range of artists, from various genres and countries from almost every continent, shows the broad genres that are accepted on tour and how W.O.A Entertainment is promoting different styles of music and musicians from various countries to music lovers  across India and Dubai and the sub continent, supported by music video promotions, major scale TV promotions with Ads and Tickers 24 times a day on Vh1 for over 10 days, large scale advertising on the Times Of India with quarter page national ads running for several days, Radio campaigns on AIR FM & MUST FM (National Radio) including interviews and song  rotation on these radio stations, billboards  and media support from mainstream magazines and press across the country (AVMax, Elle, Stuff, Rollingstone etc) all this leading to  bigger and better publicized concerts and gigs.

The upcoming season 5 of the WOA TV Show - All Things Music, and the current Season 15 of the WOAFM99 Radio Show have also announced plans to start promotions of next years festival and tour right away with artist interviews including radio and TV drops to build momentum and press interest in the artists who are being lined up for the 9th Annual WOA International Music Festival in association with Vh1. Both shows will also have special slots for past festival performers' music videos and tv interviews and radio chats all through the season.


The W.O.A International Festival and WOA Records India Tour is consistently supported every year by major media partners and top live venues across India including 



Fiesta Resort


Times of India

Hindustan Times



The Hindu

Hard Rock Cafe Chain



Pinto Rosario Square


Kala Academy

The 567

The Taj Hotels


DeSouza Group

The Park




The Government of Goa Art & Culture Department.



Q: Is this a submission for the India Tour and Festival?

A: No this is now only for the Annual Music Festival (One Main Performance on Opening Day). For the full India Tour submissions please submit for the festival and once approved and selected they will then guide you on that.



Q: Can I submit if I am a solo artist? 

A: The festival has limited slots of 10 artists and is open to Solo Artists, Duos, Bands and DJs. All genres are accepted.


Q: If I am selected for the Festival do I have to pay any other fees?

A: No, artists do not have to pay the organisers any other fees to perform at the festival if selected. Please note that all artists who are selected for the Festival have to handle their own travel, accommodation and meals in Goa during the Festival dates. We do have limited discounted hotel rooms and discount coupons for restaurants that we will give artists on a first come first serve basis.


Q: Do I have to carry a PA and Drumset etc?

A: All Back-line will be provided by W.O.A Entertainment, this includes the PA, Amps and Drum Kits. Artists are required to bring their own instruments like Guitars, Keyboards, DJ Turn Tables, Cymbals, kick pedals  etc.


Q: My drummer wants to know if he should bring anything?

A: Drummers and DJ's will be provided with a Basic Drum-kit and Turn Tables (Drummers have to bring their own Cymbals, Kick Pedal etc)


Q: Do I have to bring my guitar Amp? Its too expensive to travel with my Amplifier bro!

A: No worries, we provide Guitar and Bass Amps at the show. Might not be the amp you normally use but they are good quality amps used at major events. You can email your festival coordinator after you are confirmed for the show to get more info on the equipment provided by us.


Q: Are you sure I will not be charged any more money to be a part of the festival?

A: Absolutely not! There are no other FEES aside from the submission fee which you pay for the submission process  - however all expenses related to traveling to the venue, accommodation, meals are the responsibility of the artists. Please note this is only related to the FESTIVAL and not the FULL TOUR.


Q: How can be part of the full tour?

A: Artists have to submit for the festival and if selected they can ask to be considered for the full tour. The tour is a 7 day tour and all expenses including hotel, domestic travel, food etc are paid for by the company including national advertising with the artist names and branding on Vh1, Times of India, and other amor media. Artists selected have to pay a fee of 5000 USD yo be part of this tour, if they are selected for the line up. 


Q: I dont know anyone in Goa, will I get some assistance from you when I arrive?

A: The WOA Festival team will be available to artists for information related to finding good hotels, restaurants, travel etc prior to the festival and also on the day artists arrive. You will have telephone numbers and addresses where you can go to if you have any issues and need our assistance. Artists selected for the full Tour will have a tour rep and don't have to worry about a thing. Everything is provided including hotels, travel to shows and back, food etc. 


Email us if you have any further queries 


Click here past tour coverage from the Annual WOA Festivals and Tours in Indi, Dubai and the United Kingdom 


Visit Us For Latest Tour & Gig Updates at: 


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