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Please click on the option you want to select below. Email with your EPK and paypal transaction code​ 



  1. Submit for the opportunity consideration above by clicking on the submission picture (example: India Tour)

  2. Pay for the submission by clicking on the CART button above.

  3. Email your EPK (with music & video) and payment transaction ID to 

  4. Artist is aware that this is a submission for consideration for the selected opportunity by the relevant W.O.A division and the submission is not a guarantee of selection

  5. If submission is approved by the A&R Team the artist will be directly contacted by the A&R team of the relevant division

  6. Some submissions have additional fees after the official submission for consideration is approved. Please check all details of the relevant submission when you select the option. (Example: If you submit for the Goa Chillout Zone Compilation and if your song is approved you will be required to pay an inclusion fee. Whereas if you submit for the WOA Records India Festival and are selected you DO NOT have to pay any additional fees. So please check details and costing of each opportunity before submitting for consideration).

  7. Please do not contact the A&R team directly without officially submitting as that will be considered as unsolicited material and will not be entertained. Submitting your material officially is a requirement for your material to be considered as solicited material and the transaction ID is required with each submission.

  8. There are no refunds of submission fees. Each submission is reviewed individually by the A&R Team and replied to.

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