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WOA TV Show Considerations

WOA TV Show Considerations

The WOA TV Show (Season 5). A weekly syndicated TV Show featuring the best indie music videos from around the world. All genres are accepted.

Send your music video link (youtube or vimeo) along with the transaction ID to (any submission without the payment transaction ID will not be accepted).
  • Details

    The WOA TV Show is an online and network TV show conceptualized and produced by MTV Europe Music Award Nominee Oliver Sean. Check details of the WOA TV Show at

    There are no extra fee's associated with the TV Show. If your music video is selected after submission you get a slot on the TV show.

    Note that this is NOT just an online TV show. The show gets airplay on network channels and cable channels across the Indian Subcontinent and Middle East/North Africa with upcoming deals for Europe and USA. The show is also scheduled to get airplay on club chains like the Hard Rock Cafe.

    To know more please visit
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