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Independent No.1's Vol.13

Independent No.1's Vol.13


The Independent No.1's is accepting entries for the Independent No.1's Vol. 13 . The Independent No.1's Vol.10 hit #1 on the UK Amazon Charts and the iTunes UK Top 20 (#12 ). 


The IN1 compilation CD is a compilation released on WOA Records featuring the best of Indie rock, pop, country, blues, AAA and alt genre (and sub genre) artists and currently in the Grammy Nomination Ballots for best packaging for the 58th Grammy Awards and recently the Acoustc Special edition of the Indepednet No.1's series was selected for Best Americana Album for the 61st Grammy Awards 1st Round Nomiations 

The compilation has consistently been called the Best Indie Major Compilation by commercial radio in India and Dubai for 10 years in a row and has a steadily increasing following by Radio, Media and Fans worldwide. Stations across Europe, North America and Asia give the album rotation on their stations

Send your song link along with the transaction ID to (any submission without the payment transaction ID will not be accepted.)

"You got our song on a compilation with Nelley Furtado, Neneh Cherry & Youssouf N'Dour, how did you guys do this. Thank You!" - Richard Hecks, Luna Blanca, Germany

"Thanks for having us on this wonderful compilation" - Alive Way, Germany

"I am honoured to be part of such a wonderful compilation that is promoted globally" - Louis Colaiannia, Colorado USA

"My song got back on the charts after being featured on the WOA Compilation" Oliver Sean, UK

"Just received the CD all the way in America, what a thrill to be featured alongside such excellent musicians" Sati, USA

  • Details

    The Independent No.1's album was conceptualized after the success of the Goa Chillout Zone compilation. The Independent No.1's is now  in its 10th year.


    Important Note: All artists - IF SELECTED -have to pay an inclusion fee of 550 USD to be part of this globally distributed and promoted compilation. The artists also receive 8% pro rata royaties from any profits the album makes, however please note that this is primarliy a promotional album, so artists signed to a PRO like BMI, ASCAP etc could look at long term pubic performance collection revenue rather than expecting to make profits from sales beause this album is primaliy distrinuted for free and promoted for radio and venue airplay. 

    Vol.10 is now open for music submissions.

    Artists signed to PRO's (ASCAP, BMI etc) will benefit from PRO collections as the compilation will be promoted to commercial radio and major venues. However please note that we are not responsible for your PRO collections. We send you reports of where the album has been distributed and aired. It is the artists responsibility to follow up with their PRO's to do any collections that may be due. As the producer and promoter of this album WOA will promote this album to every venue available irrespective of their association with PRO's.

    Over 10,000 copies are replicated and distributed to media, radio, press and clubs at holiday destinations including Ibiza, Goa, Thailand, Dubai, London and New York.

    Please note that this is primarily a promo CD with most of the replicated CDs distributed to press and radio. CDs are also given away at A Class stores as fan giveaways and competition prizes.

    For more information on the Independent No.1's compilation please visit the IN1 site before submitting!services/c187h . The official website is

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