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Independent No.1's: Christmas Special

Independent No.1's: Christmas Special


After the successful release of  7 Editions of the Christmas Special Albums with several songs from the album hitting the Top 10, Top 20, Top 40 and Top 100 across iTunes and Amazon charts, we are now gearing up to select this years Best Christmas songs by breakthrough Independent Artists, for VOL.8 of the Independent No.1's: Christmas Special Album 


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  • Please Read Before Submitting your Song

    To be part of the compilation, if your song is selected, the artist has to pay the inclusion fee of 550 USD to cover initial costs. From any profits the album makes, the artist will be paid 8% royalties pro rata, however please note that this is primarily a promotional album with all investments going towards promoting this Christmas compilation and the indie artists. We send out 10,000 copies of the album for free to radio, venues and retail

    Artists signed to PRO's (ASCAP, BMI etc) will benefit from PRO collections as the compilation will be promoted to commercial radio and major venues. However please note that we are not responsible for your PRO collections. We send you reports of where the album has been distributed and aired. It is the artists responsibility to follow up with their PRO's to do any collections that may be due. As the producer and promoter of this album WOA will promote this album to every venue available irrespective of their association with PRO's. 

    For more info on the Independent No.1's brand and compilation please visit - this Christmas Special album is distributed and promoted exactly like the main stream Independent No.1's Compilation.

    The Independent No.1's brand has grown through the past 8 years to become one of the most requested and sought after Indie Mainstream compilations by commercial radio, venues, malls and restaurant chains - the CHRISTMAS SPECIAL is culmination of numerous requests from our radio partners, venue parters and artists and is an off shoot of the Independent No.1's main stream album receivig the same marketing and distrinution support. 

    Learn more about the IN1 Christmas Edition at

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